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Role of Magnetic Finishing Machine

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Magnetic Finishing Machine is a kind of equipment which adopts the principle of magnetic field to grind and polish the workpiece with high efficiency. Its main functions are as follows:

Deburring: Magnetic finishing machine can effectively remove burrs on the surface of the workpiece and make the surface of the workpiece smooth.

Role of Magnetic Finishing Machine

De-sharpening and burring: For small high-precision parts, the magnetic finishing machine can remove sharp corners, burrs and other undesirable parts to improve the quality of the parts.

Polishing and polishing: Magnetic finishing machine can polish and polish the workpiece through the high-speed jumping and flowing grinding stainless steel needle to improve the appearance quality of the workpiece.

Cleaning: Magnetic finishing machine can clean the workpiece at the same time during the polishing process to remove the dirt and oxidized film on the surface of the workpiece.

Remove sintering marks: For workpieces treated with high temperature, the magnetic finishing machine can remove the sintering marks on the surface of the workpieces and restore the original brightness of the workpieces.

Multi-angle grinding: Magnetic finishing machine utilizes unique magnetic field distribution to make the magnetic steel needle and the workpiece integral, multi-angle full grinding to achieve comprehensive polishing effect.

Simple and safe operation: Magnetic finishing machine is easy to operate, one person can operate multiple devices, saving labor costs.

Wide range of application: magnetic finishing machine is widely used in precision stamping parts, stainless steel parts, magnesium and aluminum die-casting parts, zinc and aluminum die-casting parts, precision springs, electronics, computers, communication parts, aerospace, medical parts and other various industry products.

In a word, magnetic finishing machine can improve the quality of workpiece through efficient grinding and polishing effect, make the surface of workpiece more smooth and bright, suitable for high precision parts processing in various industries.